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“He puts a Fresh production twist on some really traditional country sounds and he has a super winsome voice.” - Grady Smith (March 2021)

“His new album 'Seasons' offers insightful storytelling that takes us on a journey of seasons through a year and much more.” - Houston Chronicle (April, 2023)

“‘If Your Heart Ain’t In It’ is a traditionally-infused song with heavy 90s country influences. The sound actually reminds me of Clay Walker’s, ‘She Won’t Be Lonely Long.’” - Front Porch (September 2021)

“With hundreds of thousands of combined streams on the album’s nine tracks, Lindsay’s listeners prove that they’re enjoying the unique journey he promises with the album” - Pro Country (June, 2023)

“I think Ryan’s music is a great example of country radio-friendly music done correctly.” - Hippies & Cowboys Podcast (July 2021)


Heart Of A Troubador
You, Me and The Mountains
If Your Heart Ain't In It
The Ride
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Heartfelt melodies, and relatable stories -  Ryan Lindsay has established himself as a captivating songwriter. Delving into the soul of his music, you’ll find a blend of tradition and contemporary roots. With a winsome voice that echoes back to the golden era of '90s country, and songs that are penned to sound like the heartland, there is craft behind the unique sound of his most recent record, “Seasons.” You can hear the musical influence inspired by growing up in the prairies of Alberta, Canada.

Ryan Lindsay has put on thousands of miles as an artist, and his music has taken him across the landscapes of the United States, on a string of listening room tours, and for countless shows, from intimate back-room performances to major country music festivals. His travels have enriched his songwriting, allowing him to capture the essence of different parts of the country and perform for people from all walks of life. Ryan Lindsay is a true country music troubadour. The music is not just about catchy melodies and relatable stories; it's about creating an atmosphere that transports us along with him.

Ryan Lindsay - All My Love Is Gone (Bluegrass Version)
Ryan Lindsay - Better Now (Acoustic)
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