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“He puts a Fresh production twist on some really traditional country sounds and he has a super winsome voice.” - Grady Smith (March 2021)

“Lindsay has found major success in the Canadian country scene. Listeners can often hear lyrical references to the picturesque scenery that he's travelled throughout his life.” - The Boot (December, 2021)

“I think Ryan’s music is a great example of country radio-friendly music done correctly.” - Hippies & Cowboys Podcast (July 2021)


Songwriter and storyteller Ryan Lindsay is a CCMA nominee, and 4x Country Music Alberta award winner. A genuine outdoorsman, he is deeply influenced by his background as a backcountry guide and growing up in the Prairies. Lindsay’s sound contains a clear nod towards classic country and roots music.

Ryan Lindsay’s voice has a presence that is reminiscent of ’90s country, and his catalogue of songs include a diverse mix of instrumentation - from acoustic-driven bluegrassy ballads to up-tempo songs with gritty Telecaster and steel guitar. As a showman Ryan Lindsay is loud and proud about his love for country and roots music. He carries a captivating energy on stage that creates an engaging live experience.

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