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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Country music artist Ryan Lindsay has released the fourth installment of his new album ‘Seasons.’ Lindsay has been rolling out this project over the past year as it gets recorded, so these two songs are fresh out of the studio. The release is entitled ‘Summer,’ as Lindsay fittingly wrote and recorded the two featured songs this summer. Each release, 'Fall,' 'Winter,' 'Spring,' and 'Summer' have had their own distinct personality, and it is a unique insight into the progression of Ryan Lindsay's songwriting and recording over a year’s worth of work.

The first track ‘What If I Just Left’ takes the listener live-on-the-floor with Ryan Lindsay and his studio players. Co-producer Murray Pulver on the banjo and Ryan Lindsay’s acoustic guitar playing carry the song from start to finish. The vocals are a raw, emotional performance that share another side to life on the road. 'The road' is so often romantisized in music, however this song digs into a much more honest view of travelling - a lifestyle at the expense of putting down roots. Ryan Lindsay's lyrics highlight a moment of wanting to give up on the pursuit of it all. It is a catchy melody, yet a melancholy, reflective song. The lyrics make for a relatable track, and you don't have to be a musician to identify with the themes of restlessness in this song.


The second track to this release turns on a dime, featuring a much more lighthearted song. ‘Rich Folks' has a fun groove and tongue-in-cheek hook, "I wonder what the rich folks are doing tonight?" suggesting that it doesn't take money to have a rich experience. It is also a departure from other songs on Lindsay's album that have a much more serious undertone. Even the band's performance embraces a loose and playful nature. It has a humourous charm that might just make you crack a smile!


This is the fourth and final installment to ‘Seasons,’ but ​Ryan Lindsay has hinted on social media that a full album release and tour is to follow this coming fall. Perhaps that will mean more songs on the full length album.





Songwriter and storyteller Ryan Lindsay is a CCMA nominee, and 4x Country Music Alberta award winner. A genuine outdoorsman, he is deeply influenced by his background as a backcountry guide and growing up in the Prairies. Lindsay’s sound contains a clear nod towards classic country and roots music.

Ryan Lindsay’s voice has a presence that is reminiscent of ’90s country, and his catalogue of songs include a diverse mix of instrumentation - from acoustic-driven bluegrassy ballads to up-tempo songs with gritty Telecaster and steel guitar. As a showman Ryan Lindsay is loud and proud about his love for country and roots music. He carries a captivating energy on stage that creates an engaging live experience.

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